BIM Design Solution

BIM Design Solution

“Aqua Consultants develop innovative automated BIM design solution for linear construction projects” – Aqua are working with Cadent gas to develop a “first of a kind” automated BIM design application for pipeline schemes. The cloud hosted design application will allow Cadent engineers to route and design new pipelines and existing pipeline diversions “in house” negating the need to engage external designers, reducing the time and cost for the development of conceptual designs.

The application will see conceptual designs and scheme cost estimates completed in hours rather than months using the current processes, with costs for each design reduced by tens of thousands of pounds. The application will be the first software application to automate production of a fully compliant 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) design, providing the platform for BIM level 2 maturity.

The application can be developed for any linear projects, across all construction sectors. For further information contact Chris Barron – 07764 362413.

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