Anaerobic Digestion Optimisation Strategy

Aqua Consultants successfully developed, gained approval for and are now currently delivering the strategic plan and business case for investment and optimisation of six sludge treatment centres that operate Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.

Service Synopsis

Asset Management

Business Case Development

Concept and Feasibility Design

Totex cost estimation

Process optimisation

Business Intelligence

90% GWh increase

In outputs from extg assets

Enhanced Resillience

Addressing single points of failure

Culture Change

Focusing on “how”


Affordable strategy that delivers clear ROI

KPI Focus

Sludge quality and triggers a key focus

Holistic approach

Capex, Opex, Business Intelligence

The strategy consisted of five key elements: Capital Intervention, a dedicated sludge management team, a ring fenced CHP maintenance budget, data management using business intelligence and a supporting optimisation programme of works.

The project objective was to uplift the outputs from the combined heat and power (CHP) generation to be in line with their installed capacity and align with industry best practice. This was therefore a Totex solution with both Capex and Opex investment required.

The investment comprised of critical capital maintenance, enhancement investment to provide standby and resilience, and instrumentation to allow a business solution to visualise, benchmark and improve outputs.

To enable an informed understanding of the works operation Aqua Consultants specified the provision of comprehensive instrumentation across the sludge stream, digesters and CHPs, with real time monitoring and reporting of data linked to a user friendly dashboard to inform the operator/management. The Aqua Consultants dashboard will also report the financial implications of reduced performance, linking the process relationships of each process stage and reporting outputs as financials.

The investment will provide a resilient and robust AD sludge treatment operation, to deliver an uplift of 90% in CHP generation compared to historic performance.

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