Biomethane Strategic Lead

Northern Gas Networks appointed Aqua to undertake the role of Biomethane Strategic Lead. The commission was to understand the emerging gas 2 grid market, create a strategy, followed by the development of the processes and procedures required to be in place for the forth coming Biomethane projects. Aqua successfully developed and implemented a suite of processes, methodologies, technical standards along with a number of software tools to support internal management to deliver their standard of service promised along with web based engineering estimating Biomethane gas to grid calculators for the potential customers / clients. This calculator developed by Aqua can be found on the Northern Gas Networks website and is depicted below.

We have had active involvement in over 150 biomethane projects in NGN region

After undertaking this role, Aqua believe we are the best placed organisation in the UK (after NGN) that can advise on Biomethane projects in the Northern Gas Network region. As we were party to the development of the internal processes, our knowledge is only second to NGN. Whilst we fully understand their technical, commercial and contractual processes, the fact we have had active involvement on over 150 biomethane project in NGN region has meant we have converted this knowledge into valuable experience.




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