Everflow Licence Provider Services

Everflow utilise Aqua’s water and sewerage infrastructure design experience to bring new customers to their retail business. Murphy Young Group employed Aqua to undertake 5 new connections for 2 large commercial units at Excelsior Park in Wishaw.

Connection Synopsis

Consumption Calculations

Impact Assessment

Full authority approved infrastructure installation


Connections completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule and on budget

The process involved a full site development appraisal and internal and external design to Scottish Water network specifications.

Aqua liaised fully with Scottish Water through the application approval process and once granted by the authority, Aqua project managed their sub-contractor through the installation of the new 32mm supply and 5 new single 25mm connections and meters.

Utilising Aqua’s systems and engineering knowledge Everflow were rewarded with 5 new retail customers and use Aqua’s support to offer additional services to their customers and grow their business in a way their  competitors do not.

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