Green Energy Project Development

As the government incentives for green energy continue s to degress, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to identify and develop commercially viable green energy projects. Government policy is generated a continued level of medium and long term uncertainty. This has led to green energy projects being developed in an accelerated manner to work within the small envelope of ‘short term certainty’ provided by the government. This has created a very challenging environment to identify a project, weigh the risks, engineer a solution, secure funding, construct the works and finally generate the green energy to secure the RHI. Examples of our experience on scenarios like this are:

Aqua have provided some or all of the services listed below on the projects identified above

  • Biomethane Consultancy Services,

  • Project / Construction Management,

  • business plan development (with funding options),

  • engineer design and construct works

  • Principle Contractor / Principle designer role



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