Liverpool – Manchester Hydrogen Hub

Decarbonisation of heating and transport represents a major hurdle in the UK achieving its 2050 carbon emissions reductions targets. Hydrogen is a zero carbon emission fuel source at the point of use and has the potential to displace fossil fuel in both heating and transport sectors.

Aqua were commissioned by Peel Environmental to provide a high level assessment of the hydrogen supply and demand chain required for a Liverpool – Manchester Hydrogen Hub.

Scenarios were assessed in terms of hydrogen demand and supply infrastructure. The benefits of each scenario in terms of carbon reduction, NOx and particulates reduction, GVA and jobs created was also assessed.

In a scenario with local government support a Liverpool – Manchester Hydrogen Hub could deliver:

·         10 million tonnes CO2 abatement per year

·         £1.6 billion cumulative GVA by 2050

·         Over 2,300 peak jobs

·         Health benefits with NOx and particulates reduction due to transition to hydrogen transport

To achieve these benefits, the capacity to produce 32 TWh of hydrogen would be needed by 2050.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Study for the proposed NW Hydrogen Hub rev 11 Final press issue

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