PR14 Benchmarking and Estimating

Aqua Consultants were engaged by our client to undertake a rapid benchmarking and estimating exercise to validate a significant proportion of their PR14 business plan.

Service Synopsis

Software Solutions

Capex benchmarking

Cost Modelling

Fast Outputs

Delivered within 3 weeks 

Scope & Cost

Alignment and benchmarking 

Accurate Outputs

By utilising software solutions


Through top down and bottom up modelling

Risk & Opportunity

Identified from the process

Industry Benchmarking

Using our in house cost database

Aqua Consultants utilised our in house software solutions to quickly, accurately and consistently benchmark our clients major projects.

Our ENSCES was utilised to review, benchmark and challenge scope items and to provide detailed bottom up cost estimates.

Our Hindsight system was utilised to provide top down cost estimates and industry benchmarking.Our Auto Structural Design tool was utilised to check and validate the scope and cost of water retaining structures.

The output from our engagement was published into the public  domain by our client in support of their revised business plan submission to the regulator.

If you would like to know more about how our tools can be used to benchmark or support estimation of your projects please contact:


Water Division Director

+44 (0)1274 661 444