Top 50 Opex Sites Benchmarking & Optimisation

Aqua Consultants were engaged by our client to undertake strategic Opex KPI benchmarking for the top 50 priority sewage treatment works based upon an aggregated ranking of compliance risk, power/chemical usage and saline impact.

Service Synopsis

Opex benchmarking

KPI development

Business Intelligence

Totex modelling

Process optimisation

League Table

Views of asset performance

Risk & Opportunity

Identification and prioritisation

Easy to Understand

Visualisations of comparative performance

Performance KPIs

Established and reported upon

Cost KPIs

Established and reported upon

Enhanced confidence

Within the business and for external stakeholders

The scope of this project was Strategic KPI Benchmarking, identification and prioritisation of poorly performing sites.

A tool has been built utilising business intelligence visualisation software and fed with available client cost and asset performance data. The success of the tool was dependant on the quality and quantity of the data used within the tool and therefore we ensured close collaboration with client personnel in Asset Management, Finance, Operations and Scientific.

The KPI summary output highlights the works that most deviate from the norm from an Opex and Capex perspective. These can be normalised against areas such as size of works, the permit requirements and the types of process adopted.

A summary dashboard reports on the most expensive or highest performance risk sites and focusses asset planners and budget holders on these sites. The least expensive and lowest performance risk sites can also be reviewed as examples of good practice that can be adopted at other sites.

We also included a prioritised schedule of improvements on a return on investment basis which our client is now considering developing into a multi-site optimisation programme.

If you would like to know more about this project of how we could apply Opex benchmarking and optimisation to your asset base please contact:


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