Aqua Consultants operate across the water, environment and energy sectors of the construction industry

Established in 2008 to fulfil a void in the Water Sector, our key objective was to become recognised and trusted experts through our differentiated service offerings. We quickly recognised that the fundamental challenges faced by the Water Sector were shared by the Energy and Environment sectors. Having now delivered tangible value to a wide range of cross sector clients Aqua are now recognised sector specialists across Water, Environment and Energy sectors. 



The combination of  climate change, rapid population growth, and an increasing demand for water now have water suppliers, governments and businesses rethinking how they can manage water more effectively and within ever more challenging affordability criteria.



Aqua Environment division is a new and exciting development within Aqua Consultants. This division has evolved from the services provided within the Energy division to provide turnkey solutions within the renewable energy sector and beyond.



With world leaders committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels, countries around the world face the energy trilema, reducing carbon emissions whilst providing affordable energy with security of supply.