Our vision is to have delivered projects that will generate in excess of 100MWh of renewable energy every year by the year 2020


Aqua Environment division is a new and exciting development within Aqua Consultants.

This division has evolved from the services provided within the Energy division to provide turnkey solutions within the renewable energy sector and beyond. The key areas of focus are generation of green electricity from CHP engines, waste management and production of biomethane from anaerobic digestion processes.

Advancements in technologies continues to generate viable commercial projects which a few years ago would have not been considered

Evolving for the Future

Our service offering has evolved from traditional consultancy services typically found in regulated industries with large numbers of projects. Our approach is bespoke for each project and our services tailored to suit its particular needs. We offer a wide range of service models ranging from shared ownership, full developer services, Principle Contractor or simply provision of the specialist engineering and management consultancy services required in this sector.

The market is sensitive to government incentives, however advancements in technologies continues to generate viable commercial projects which a few years ago would have not been considered. The need for sustainable, renewable energy is driving innovation in numerous areas such as battery / storage systems and new fuel sources such as hydrogen. Aqua Environment division is proud to be part of this exciting sector.

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Case Studies

Our Capability, experience and knowledge is demonstrated in our case studies as is the successful deliver we achieve at all times.



The combination of  climate change, rapid population growth, and an increasing demand for water now have water suppliers, governments and businesses rethinking how they can manage water more effectively and within ever more challenging affordability criteria.



With world leaders committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels, countries around the world face the energy trilema, reducing carbon emissions whilst providing affordable energy with security of supply.