Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies for water and renewable energy sectors

Case study

Client: Lanes Farm Energy, Warrens Emerald Biogas, Aqua Operations, Eric Wright Water, Pool Wharf Energy
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Project Lead: Andy Gillighan
Project Team: Adam Cullen, Ahad Aziz, Laura Parnell-Pope, Sian Jones
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Services: Engineering

Problem / Opportunity

Hazard studies, such as Hazard Identification (HAZID) or Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) as well as Access, Lifting and Maintenance (ALM) reviews, are now industry standard expectations that contribute to risk control within a project, especially when we consider the increased scrutiny of the impact of our infrastructure on the environment.

Aqua Consultant offer expert HAZOP & ALM facilitation services by providing experienced chairpersons and scribes to facilitate and support a comprehensive and effective study for your project, at any stage of the project lifecycle.


At Aqua Consultants we focus on three key essentials to ensure HAZOP reliability:

1. Detailed preparation by the facilitator and key attendees

Ensuring all of the attendees have suitable notice of the relevant design documentation and P&IDs is critical is guaranteeing the most effective HAZOP workshop.

2. Realistic agenda and focus on time management

Time management is a key focus of our HAZOP leaders in order to maintain effective engagement between members of the panel and ensure the workshop delivers on the identification of all potential risks and mitigations.

3. Accurate recording of actions

We ensure that each study verifies that the actions of previous studies (if conducted) have been closed out and approved, and that all hazard and environmental risks that have been identified are being addressed in a timely and detailed manner.

These are at the heart of all our studies we undertake to make ensures we deliver the best possible to our clients across


We have delivered several HAZIDs & HAZOPs for Clients in the water industry as well as Gas to Grid facilities. This includes Identification of Nodes, Action distribution and Report Write-Up.

The benefits of delivered a fast, agile and professional service that allows our clients to meet their project design deliverables. We have delivered both virtual and in-person workshops.

Why Aqua Consultants?

We have experience conducting both in-person and online HAZOP, HAZID & ALM studies, depending on your project requirements. .

Our experienced staff have expertise delivering in both the UK & International water sectors, for a range of project types.

We can provide an end-to-end approach to conducting your HAZOP study, and this can include engineering input for your HAZOP panel or our trained HAZOP Scribes for efficient note taking and auditing.

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