Independent review of Sydney Water's LTCOP for their IPART submission

Case study

Aqua Consultants carried out a rapid and independent review of Sydney Water’s (SW) Long Term Capital and Operational Plan (LTCOP) utilising our extensive water industry knowledge of long-term strategic plans in the UK and internationally. We reviewed 2,000 pages of analysis in 25 working days, assessing the strength of a 25-year plan for a growing city of over 5 million people on the other side of the world. We rapidly built trust with the leadership team and delivered against their expectation.


The proposed long-term plan provides a robust platform to address the known issues of growth and security of supply. Furthermore, it sets out a clear need to resolve competing pressures of meeting long-term challenges, affordability, and deliverability. Whilst the planning assumptions are clear, the plan is being produced against a background of rapid change, arguably higher than at any other time with post covid issues combined with rising public expectations around environmental quality and resilience to drought. There needs to be greater focus on drawing out a ‘no regrets’ route that keeps investment options open and, increases Sydney Water’s capability to adapt its plans should circumstances change.


Aqua’s five week review of 110 documents totalling over 2,000 pages was extensive and included responding to 115 questions within 31 RFIs.

Aqua highlighted several areas for improvement and strengthening of the LTCOP and SW are developing processes to address these as they work toward the next iteration and improvement of their long-term planning capabilities.

Shared capability

Aqua provided an extensive list of recommendations, which was delivered in a concise follow up report.

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