STEM project to increase biodiversity at Allerton CofE Primary School

Case study

Client: Allerton CofE Primary School
Scheme Value: £3,000
Fee Value: FOC
Start Date: January 2024
End Date: June 2025

Project Lead: Oriana Da Inez Correia
Project Team: Adam Cullen, Adam Hassoba, Alexandra Camaly, Chris Waterworth, Fahim Kaiser, John Cole, Mahad Ahmed, Naresh Patel, Owen Turner, Subash Subbappa
Partners: -
Services: Engineering

Aqua’s Engineering Lead, Oriana Correia, has led a successful application for a STEM grant at Allerton CofE Primary School in Leeds where she is a parent member of the community. The project will receive a £3,000 STEM grant to improve biodiversity at the school as well as providing a learning opportunity for the school children now and into the future.

Problem / Opportunity

Pupils at Allerton CofE Primary School are embarking on a mission to enhance biodiversity within their school with the aim to promote a deeper understanding of nature and its interconnectedness.


Through regular biodiversity audits, children will be encouraged to observe and analyse the nature around them. They will carry out research into the lifecycles and habitats of creatures. The students will use various tools and apps to aid their investigations including identification apps, insect traps and camera traps. The project has been designed to equip the children with tangible, real life understanding of biodiversity, strategies for improving this and an investment in this locally.


The project will encourage further learning around maths, biology and data science. The schools year 4 cohort has been selected to take part in the project on the basis of suitability of curriculum as well as allowing enough academic years ahead to further develop the research knowledge, action and planning. They will be joined by pupils from the environment club and eco committee members.

Shared Capability

The scheme will involve a number of Aqua staff from various disciplines who will bring expertise to the project and take part in education talks throughout the school year including a presentation on mapping the school grounds in January 2024. The legacy of the project has been considered very carefully so that it can be embedded in the school curriculum across several year groups and has potential to impact the wider community through student led exhibition.

This is one of the most well-planned applications I have seen so far. I am so impressed with the level of planning and detail that has gone into this proposal and I think it will produce some excellent results. It has the potential to have a great legacy and be part of the school’s curriculum for many years to come.

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