Commercial services

When innovating into the unknown, we collaboratively identify cost control and operational measures to give you confidence across your programme.

Our vision of innovative and tailored business solutions in combination with our philosophy of delivering the client true visibility of ‘should cost – will cost – actual cost’ empowers us to establish you in position for cost efficient and sustainable program delivery.

In this challenging, volatile economic climate, we are relied upon for specialist cost and commercial knowledge to ensure successful program delivery.

We amalgamate partnerships with Tier 1 contractors, in house commercial / cost specialists, and industry leading commercial engineering capabilities to ensure you receive optimal solution choices with sustainability, unparalleled client satisfaction, and cost efficiency at the root of every decision we make.

We understand that your biggest challenge is interpreting and reporting vast amounts of data. Getting ahead of the curve we have invested into digital innovation and are passionate about sharing our digital data experience. We work collaboratively to share our industry leading digital exposure to establish powerful databases along with ergonomic reporting tools for you – helping you report the true picture.

In the absence of information our experience and assets knit together fragments of data to build you resilient forecasts of indicative programme finances and provide you assurance on whether your estimates / costs are market rate or not.

Our value

Accountability - Our integrity is driven by our transparent communication with both our clients and our consultants. We are committed to continuous development and encourage feedback from all stakeholders to improve our service standard.

Innovation – Our dynamic and highly competitive approach means we ensure your portfolio not only adapts within evolving market trends, but it also thrives. By harnessing the power of digital solutions and advanced analytical tools, we can better navigate the uncertainties inherent in economic forecasting and advise more valuable insights for decision-makers in the construction industry.

Empathy – An advocate for active listening we strive to allow time for external perspectives and foster strong relationships with employees, customers, and partners. In today’s quantitative performance driven landscape, empowering employees and clients makes us more adept in navigating change and uncertainty – turning problems into opportunities.


Our people have been passionately collaborating and delivering with the water, gas, and environmental sectors for 16 years.

Our team blends experienced commercial leaders with specialist cost consultants and enthusiastic graduates who have established a proven network of data sources, key relationships, databases, and invaluable understanding of market rates.

We proudly are industry leaders, renowned for our expertise in determining the 'should-cost' for asset investments within the water, environment, energy including wider infrastructure sectors.

How we can help

Cost estimating

With our sector-specialist approach, we deliver precise cost estimation and assurance at each pivotal stage, be it supporting business planning, concept optioneering, outline design, or contract award. Your project or program benefits from our unparalleled cost intelligence and seasoned expertise, providing the assurance needed for success.

In the realm of infrastructure, cost estimating is not merely a task; it's a strategic process crucial to forecasting the financial and resource requirements essential for project completion within defined scope and schedule. Recognising this, we adhere to the best practices, ensuring you receive competent experts, who can provide evidence-based approach to cost estimates.

Our guidance covers principles of best practice, delineates roles and responsibilities in producing, reviewing, and owning the cost estimate, and outlines a meticulous process to produce a robust, assured, and transparent cost estimate. This, in turn, instils confidence, supporting successful project delivery and governance.

Cost management

We recognise the ever-growing pressure on clients to deliver their assets with cost efficient solutions, optimising return on investment. We understand and own our responsibility to deliver solid and effective cost management services to you. We provide a supporting network that is truly aware of the value of your money, whatever the projects, scale, or sector.

Our people combine decades of best practice to manage and control costs throughout your project’s whole life cycle; leveraging our experience and passion to deliver comprehensive cost plans during project conception and planning. Our extensive and tested rates knowledge provides you with industry leading assurance on your projects expenditure. Our diverse team is proud to implement expert cost intelligence insight to ensure your project has a proactive philosophy towards cost management and risk mitigation, not reactive reporting.

Uniquely our innovative in-house commercial engineering team works hand-in-hand with commercial to provide you opportunities to reexamine your physical asset delivery plan and understand the financial picture on potential value engineering options -
helping you maximise your investment strategy in a sustainable manor.

Cost intelligence and benchmarking

We forge or enhance cost intelligence functions for our clients, guiding them from conceptualisation to strategy execution. Whether it's developing visionary frameworks or ensuring robust processes, we specialise in embedding and maintaining cutting-edge cost intelligence software and data solutions. Collaborating seamlessly with your existing team, we elevate the capability and maturity of your cost intelligence function. We work with them to incorporate into their business-as-usual process to create a robust cost assurance and governance process.

We are recognised as experts in cost intelligence and benchmarking, we offer independent insights and assurance, instilling confidence in our clients that the costs associated with their planned investments truly reflect value for money.

Discover financial expertise, an incomparable digital revolution meticulously curated to refine and elevate the art of cost management practices, enhancing the precision of investment decision-making. Elevate your financial strategy and acquire unparalleled insights for judicious and strategic investments.

Commercial and contract management

We safeguard out client’s commercial interests throughout the entire project lifecycle.

In the realm of capital projects or programmes, the principles of predictability and cost control are paramount for all organisations. Our unique approach to cost and commercial management is rooted in a genuine commitment to maximising the return on investment for our clients.

From the outset, we instil confidence in project outcomes, facilitating the establishment of project viability with a clear and robust baseline. Our commitment to optimising cost performance is unwavering, leveraging proven methodologies, cost models, and assurance approaches. With an extensive reservoir of market intelligence, we consistently secure the best value in the market.

We pride ourselves on our diverse inhouse team of expert commercial managers, quantity surveyors, and promising graduates. Our team provides tailored contract administration services taking care of your requirements, ensuring the contract represents your criteria.

We tirelessly drive towards achieving cost and value targets throughout the project lifecycle, actively taking control over threats, change events and payments whilst managing on site deliverables and cost assurance. Our focus is to ensure you experience quantitative increases in profitability or reductions in realised cost. Our rich commercial heritage ensures that you realise genuine value, and our independence from the broader supply chain allows us to provide impartial advice, delivering bespoke solutions to safeguard your interests.

Procurement and contracts strategy

We pride ourselves on our robust procurement and contracts strategies, giving insight to the client on potential risks which may arise during a project. Through our industry expertise, we provide solutions to mitigate risks associated with supply chain, contractual obligations, and market fluctuations. By providing greater optics on risk at the inception of a project, we increase your cost management and ultimate certainty on out-turn costs.

Through strategic sourcing of key suppliers, coupled with early engagement by subcontractors, we can assist your business in appointing a reliable and efficient supply chain. Our ability to negotiate contracts with mutually beneficial terms ensures all eventualities are covered. This leads to better project continuity by avoiding contractual uncertainties. We work collaboratively with you to establish a project’s key objectives which we use to apportion responsibilities and risks in the contract terms.

Our team works with ethics and compliance at the forefront of their mind, ensuring regulatory standards and ethical compliance are met and exceeded.

Commercial engineering

Commercial engineering is a bespoke specialist service created with the capability of deeply rooting technical and commercial assurance into your program; specifically curating our services to focus on four distinct areas: need, scope, costs, and risk.

The outcome of a commercial engineering appraisal provides you confidence in both the technical solution and associated costs. Our approach and blend of inhouse specialism identifies a prioritised schedule of risks and opportunities in the scheme which can be leveraged to meet and beat affordability parameters.

Commercial engineering works best in the pre-contract award stages, where it has more influence on the design and costing of a project. It embeds well into the commercial assurance process providing healthy challenge, and helps clients achieve best value where budgets are a constraint.

Our people pride themselves on their integrity and transparency, giving you the assurance that you benefit from the correct solution at the right price.

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Director of Commercial

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Head of Commercial

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Senior Quantity Surveyor

Phil Aitken

Industry Lead for Cost Management

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