Stakeholder engagement for Northern Gas Networks

Case study

Client: Northern Gas Networks
Scheme Value: -
Fee Value: -
Start Date: July 2023
End Date: March 2024

Project Lead: Jo Dixon
Project Team: -
Partners: -
Services: Customer & Stakeholder

Problem / Opportunity

Northern Gas Networks submitted a bid to the Government to undertake a project to create a Hydrogen Village of 2000 properties in Redcar. The project was to convert the network from natural gas to Hydrogen. As part of the bid the consumer workstream was required to create:

  • The consumer offer.
  • Consumer protection plan
  • Vulnerability Strategy
  • Communication and engagement strategy

Following submission, the next phase would see further work on the documents submitted, refining these, and creating further strategy, processes and ways of working should NGN be successful and deliver the project.


Seconded to NGN Aqua (Jo Dixon) was Consumer Workstream Lead. This role was to lead and manage the Redcar Customer Team plus other consultants and contractors supporting the project. Collaboration with other delivery partners, teams across NGN e.g. Legal, Commercial and various team from DESNZ was a large part of the role.

Work was carried out to refine and further develop:

  • The consumer offer
  • Consumer protection plan
  • Vulnerability Strategy
  • Insight and research strategy

Worked closely with the Communication Manager to develop the Communication and Engagement Strategy

Managed the Redcar Customer Team who engaged with the local community and operated a Hub in Redcar where customers and interested parties could visit.

Created structures and role profiles for the future team needed to deliver the project.

Managed the contract and ongoing activities with the external provider for consumer research and insights.

Managed the contract with external auditor.

Engaged with Northern Powergrid to start to build relationships and ways of working that would minimise customer impact for those who may need electrical upgrades.

Engaged with NGN’s Consumer Engagement Group to keep them updated.

Provided data for PMO and was key to the development of the overall project plan.

Created weekly reports for programme management board.

Worked with IT providers to develop the CRM system needed to manage customer interaction.

Process mapping and the development of all customer journeys.

Managed the information requests from DESNZ teams to ensure responses and information was provided, meeting with DESNZ regularly.


The government took the decision not to proceed with the Redcar Hydrogen Community. At the time this happened the Consumer workstream was on track to deliver what was required for the delivery of the project, a huge amount of effort had been put in by all those involved. Following this the project was closed down and all the work carried out was transferred to archive.

Lesson learnt sessions internally and with DESNZ have been held and documented should the project ever be delivered in the future.  

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